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Thread: Dell Laser MFP 1600n (Doc. Jam)

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    Default Dell Laser MFP 1600n (Doc. Jam)

    I have a dell Laser MFP 1600n that reads Document Jam in the LCD Screen but there is no paper jam of any kind. I have ckecked - paper transfer-fuser the document feeder ect. But find no jam. There is an address book that you can print out with no problem but thatís all I canít copy print or fax. Can anyone help
    Thank You Jack

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    Do you get the jam error msg as soon as you turn it on, or when you try to print?

    Does it actually try to feed paper? Are you the only one that uses this printer? Think back...did you have a paper jam shortly before this message appeared? If you did most likely there is a very tiny piece of that jam left in the paper path. Take a heavy sheet of paper and try to manually push it into the paper path. It may dislodge something that doesn't belong there.

    Or you have a sensor that is in the wrong position.

    By the by, what is the address book that prints, when nothing else does?


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