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Thread: Laserjet 4000TN prints same page daily

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    Question Laserjet 4000TN prints same page daily


    For the past 3 months at least one of our network printers has printed the exact same page daily. How would I begin to solve this problem? Is it a command in the printer or in a computer?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks,

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    what kind of page is it printing?or ,what is on the page?

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    The page that prints is a TABS Detail Transaction File List dated April 18th. It may have been printing everyday since. I am sure this has been happening for at least three months.

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    i thought maybe it was an error page,but if it is just a page from an old print job ,and it just prints it on it's own,it would seem that it may have gotten stuck in the memory,a hard disk if installed or the could go to the resets menu on the printer where there are a few reset options .the reset memory option will clear all the memory on the printer,where the other memory reset options will mostly only reset the buffers and I/O may be that the reset memory option might restore the printer settings back to factory could try to remove any dimms,a network card or a hard disk if installed,and reseat them.otherwise ,you can try an nv ram initialization which clears the non volitile memory.on these printers ,one is supposed to have to enter service mode to manually reset page counts and serial numbers,but on many printers ,just performing an nv ram initialization will do it is defenitely recommended to print a configuration page before doing an nv ram initialization,which will have the page counts and serial numbers printed on it just in case.if you decided to do an nv ram init:hold down the job cancel button while turning the printer on ,when a clearing nv ram message should pop up while it initializes.i don't see how a print job could possibly remain in a print queue for that long ,but there could be an issue with it and it may not hurt to check it or restart the spooler on the could try some of these things and see if they clear it ,otherwise it could be a bad firmware/formatter or something or doing a hard disk initialization may clear it.let us know how it goes.
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    Pull the jetdirect and do a cold reset

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    We had something like this happen a couple of years ago. Someone had set up an Excel spreadsheet to print out every morning at 6AM. Then she quit and no one used the PC for several weeks. Anyway when the replacement person started using the PC the same job printed out every morning. We ended up going back to the print server and looking at the times of the jobs and added a banner page to the printer to make sure. It really had us scratching our heads for awhile.



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