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Thread: hp 920c w/ not print anything

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    Default hp 920c w/ not print anything

    recently built pc w/ amd processor
    512meg ram,, operating win98se, 30 gig hd

    triet to install two different printers, most recent HP920c.
    installation says ok on lpt1; but device mgr does not show printer.

    performed self printer test, holding down on button, and test page ok

    used hp toolkit, test page....nothing.

    used debug to verify lpt1 ok, and 78 and 03 are in the first line as tip page says.

    in Device Mgr, installed drivers on lpt1 are lpt.vxd & vmm32.vxd
    no conflicts reported there.

    verified that printer cable is correct and ok.

    can't think or find anything else on the web to do.....hope i can get some help.

    will furnish any other info, and reply to all post w/ results of help.


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    Have you tried a more recent operating system? How about downloading most recent HP drivers?
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