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Thread: Laserjet 5000 Error 50.2 Fuser Error

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    Cool Laserjet 5000 Error 50.2 Fuser Error

    I have a Laserjet 5000 printer which has an error code 50.2 Fuser Error. Cycled power - took out fuser - reseated - still have same error. I'm thinking its most likely the fuser has gone bad but I suppose it could be the power supply also. Any way to know for certain? I have a digital volt meter and can check resistance across the pin outs of the fuser, but what pins and how much resistance?????

    I'm also a little confused about Fusers. The fuser part number in the printer is RG5-3528 but I also find fusers for the same printer using part number RG5-5455. Will they both work??? Also does anyone have a used fuser for the LJ 5000 you might want to sell???

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    The HP service manual says to check for continuity between connectors j1307-1 and j1037-2 then check for continuity between j1308-1 and j1308-3. If either are open replace the fuser. The photo on the page shows 4 large connectors and 4 small connectors all ligned up. The 4 large connectors are above the 4 small connectors the large ones are j1308-1 through 4. A 50.2 error is the fuser warm up service. It also says to shut the printer off for 20 minutes to clear the error.

    I took the HP LaserJet course 2 weeks ago so I don't have any experiance yet. I have to check the book.

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    RG5-3528 is the old part number for the LJ 5000 fuser, RG5-5455 is currently being used. HP & Canon often changes part numbers and I've seen a different part number show up on some of the recent shipments of 5000 fusers we've received.
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    you can measure the fuser and the resistence should go around 100ohms and the thermistor should have 300 or400 k ohms.normaly is the resistence that opens


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