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Thread: Loud, Noisy, Squeeking Laserjet 4350

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    Exclamation Loud, Noisy, Squeeking Laserjet 4350

    My laserjet 4350 is loud when it prints. When I remove both tray 2 and 3 (500pg trays) and print from the manual feed it sounds fine. Does the Feed Roller Assembly need replaced/oiled and if so how do I go about accessing it?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Chances are the tray roller shaft/gear is bad. The torque limiter that sits on the shaft to the right of the roller could be bad.
    Use only the roller for this unit. RM1-0037 , RM1-0036

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    From the sound of it the problem is in the tray.The dfp roller or the torque limiter are the likely culprits.Try removing the roller in the tray.If its smooth,replace it.If its hard to get off,wipe a little oil on the shaft.If it still squeals,remove the torque limiter(next to the roller and just slides off)and open it by striking the shaft on a table.Remove a little of the iron filings and reassemble.

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    I tore this printer appart and cleaned up the paper-pickup assembly gears but this didn't fix anything. All rollers were just replaced except 1 and it looks to be in good condition. I'll see if I can oil the torque limiter and then maybe replace the tray roller shaft/gear. I'll keep ya posted, and thanks for the speedy responses!

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    Go easy with the oil, it attracks and holds dust. You could cause other problems. Dry lithium grease is a good lubricant with less of a dust build up.
    Can you take the printer off of the expansion trays and see if it's still noisy when printing? How about the MFT, is it noisy.

    By the way, hows the swing arm assembly gear look?


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