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Thread: HP laserjet 1160

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    Question HP laserjet 1160

    I have a LaserJet 1160 that upon power on it starts feeding paper till it jams, on either page 2 or 3. Clear the jam close the doors and the cycle starts again. I went through about 30 sheets before my patience ran out. I have removed the sides and top and bypassed the door switch so that I can see what is happening and it appears that the paper is feeding too fast.

    Any thoughts let me know.

    Don Rinear

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    If the pages it prints are black there is probably a problem with a clutch, causing a pickup roller to constantly spin. Check the plate on the clutch to see if it is seated properly.

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    Its not probably that is the clutch, it is the clutch causing the problem, this problem was common in the laserjet II which is a older printer, if the pickup roller shaft is not properly installed then it will cause those problems.

    Reinstall the pickup roller and replace the clutch, and your be fine then.


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