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    Question HP Color LaserJet 3800

    When replacing the Black cartridge in the HP Color LaserJet 3800 the printer will run its configuring cycle and then will prompt me to replace the Black cartridge. Have tried two new black cartridges in the printer with the same results. The printer was purchased in May 2006 and has worked great until this cartridge issue. Any suggestions?
    Thank You and Happy Holidays to all.

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    Look at the left side of the cartridge slot. there are copper conectors that may be flat. Bend them out a bit. Look at all the slots for all toners. If this is not the case, are these HP or third party toners?

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    Yes, the cartridges are all HP. After reseating the Black cartridge many, many times the printer finally recognizes it as FULL. However the Cyan cartridge is now not Seating properly. A small arm on the right side of the printer where the cartridge installs is broken. I have removed the broken piece and the printer is operating for now.
    The printer continues to run the CALIBRATION continuously. This has been occuring even before I encountered the cartrige difficulties.
    I will contact HP support.
    Thank you for the information.


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