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Thread: Epson CX5000 - Brand New - Not working

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    Default Epson CX5000 - Brand New - Not working

    I just got a brand new Epson Stylus CX5000 printer. I followed the instructions to remove all the tape, plugged in and turned printer on, shook, removed yellow tape and installed cartridges, closed cover, and pressed the ink button to charge ink. The ink and power on lights began flashing and I could here things moving back and forth and then stop. But the ink light and power on light continue to flash and the printer doesn't respond to anything. I've reset the cartridges and went through these steps several times.

    Epson had me go through the steps again. They asked me to send them my printer to be repaired. I would prefer to fix it myself if there is an easy solution.

    Please respond with any thoughts as to what the cause of this problem is or suggestions on how it might be resolved.


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    My advice is to go with what Epson offered you.Just make sure that you tell them you want a brand new one,since you were never able to use the new one you bought.They will ship you one overnight and ask you to ship the old one back with their prepaid shipping tag and the packaging from the replacement.If its fixable,they will repair it and ship it out to someone as a replacement printer under warranty.


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