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Thread: Serial NO's On Canon All-in-one

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    Default Serial NO's On Canon All-in-one

    I have just gotten myself a Canon Pixma MP500 Multifunction printer.

    I need to know what the Serial No is to send in the registration

    Does anyone know where it is? There is a very dark plate on the bottom which is extremely difficult to read and I am nervous about tipping the machine up in case the ink starts coming out of the cartridges .

    Can anyone identify what the Serial Number on one of these Canon Machines looks like and is it located on this bottom plate or anywhere else?
    Is it a number beginning with NSW or is it a 6 numbers followed by a dash and 2 more numbers.

    any help on this would be appreciated.


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    Default Serial Number

    Why don't you RTFM. I'm sure the S/N location is in there.

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    I am really going to show my ignorance now. I dont know what those initials mean!....unless you are telling to refer to the manual ?

    I have done and it ain't in there !

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    Eureka ! I've found it .....I think ! Is'nt it an NSW number?

    If there is anyone out there who has a Canon Multifunction MP500 . do tell ...that is if you have worked it out for youeselves.


    Ps It wer'nt in the Manual !


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