View Full Version : HELP! Need a Laser Printer to print multiple size pages simultaneously

07-22-2004, 12:35 AM

Please help! I've been searching for an HP Laser Jet printer that can handle print jobs by printing both letter and legal at the same time. I'm not able to get any clear answers from the HP support person, nor the two stores I visited today. I am not sure if I just need the one input tray and then use the multipurpose tray for the other size paper? Or, should I purchase a printer that has two input trays, one for letter, the other for legal size paper?

I need to download loan document packages (usually about 100/per set) from these digital document services. These documents come with mixed paper sizes in the set. For instance, after downloading and sending to print, the first page could be letter size, then pages 2-5 could be legal, pages 6-7 back to letter, pages 8-15 legal, and so on . . .

I'm a student, so I don't have a whole lot of $ to spend. But, I do have to have a Laser printer due to the loan documents needing to be high quality. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Which printer to buy? Would the LaserJet4Plus meet my needs? If I need to actually have the two separate input trays, is this an extra/option that I would place with the order? For instance, I looked at the HP LaserJet 2300 today. The specs say two paper trays; however, when I actually visited the store to look at it, it only had one actual input tray.

Also, to save money, I'm thinking to buy a refurbished printer. Are these generally a good deal? i.e., don't break down on you the first week:-(

Your help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

07-22-2004, 09:54 AM
My Opinion: If you are on a tight budget I suggest purchasing a HP LaserJet 4+ They are very durable printers with good quality. You should be able to pick one up for around $200 - 300 refurbished, you can feed letter through Tray 2, Tray 1 is a manual feed tray that you can feed the legal paper through. You can also buy an extra paper tray that you could feed the legal through, they run about $50 - 100 refurbished.

Like I already said these printers are very durable, the most expensive part that I have ever replaced is the fuser, which runs around $100 refurbished. The toner is also reasonable to get refilled, I pay $59 a cartridge to get them refilled.


09-30-2004, 11:54 AM
I have been in the printer repair business for 10+ years and agree 100% with Frogs31.

Most software limits the sizes of paper mixes. So it might depend more on the software than the printer. LJ-4 have some software compatabilty problems.

LJ-4+, LJ-5, LJ-5Si are the best medium and large sized printers for the $$$$ ever made by anyone, even HP newer printers. Toner cartridges usually print 6K pages cost $60 reconditioned and are the least problem printer and toner wise.

Get a LJ4+ with the extra 500 sheet cassette and if the commands withinthe forms are correct the printer will take paper to fit the document size (legal-letter). Paper size commands are within the document so you might have to download docs. and then display them on screen and reformat them. Again look at the software to determine if you can mix page sizes with in a document.

Other workhorse printer that are inexpensive:
LJ-5Si with 3 paper sources, Toner $95, 15K pages. Printers cheap on eBay but shipping expensive. Look for one locally.
LJ-4Si with 2, 500 sheet cassettes toner $65 8K pages.

You can get a duplexer / prints on both sides of page to save on paper storage or postage if mailed.

09-30-2004, 08:19 PM
I agree with what's been said. The laserjet 4+ or 5 is a good way to go. The LJ 4SI and 5SI are BIG printers, durable, but if you're a student you might not want a printer that massive.

If you get a 4+ with a 500 sheet lower cassette, here's one tip that will help. If you are using Windows XP or 2000 use the 4si driver to print to the 4+. The 4+ driver doesn't work like it should with the 500 sheet lower cassette.