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02-26-2008, 03:29 AM
Hi All,

Just found this fine forum and hope that some of you might help me out.

A friend of mine has a Kyocera fs-1750 laser printer. (lpt interface)

Recently I helped buy them a new PC (dell inspiron 590 if my memory serves me well). It turned out that the pc doesn't have a parallel port so I suggested them to get a USB-to-parallel converter, which they did.
The new PC runs Windows Vista Home(?) and it has difficulties installing the printer. Whenever I connect the printer (USB2parallel) Vista recognizes the printer and heads on to install the drivers. Unfortunately it doesn't find any. I went on kyocera page and got the windows vista PCL drivers. I installed the printer by "add a new printer" option but it doesn't work. Whenever I connect the printer it doesn't get recognized as being already installed and vista gets into his "installing new hardware" procedure. I think I tried all possible ways to install it but nothing works.
While testing the printer spool shows a job which is progressing very very slow and at some point a white page gets out of the printer.

Now the same set up is working wonderful on windows XP, no drivers installation needed. I just plugged the whole thing to USB, XP recognized it, installed the drivers and of I went printing.

I would appreciate if anyone had any tips or even solutions to this problem.

*note: As port for the printer on Vista system I use a virtual USB port to which the printer is connected. In my case it is nr 3.

Thanks in advance.


02-29-2008, 10:39 PM
Vista is becoming notorious for being terrible for many driver issues, including printer drivers; I have had the same issue for some Lexmark printers and what would work fine on XP simply will not work with Vista...you may reach the same conclusion as me: get a different printer or install XP instead...

03-05-2008, 03:31 AM
Thanks for the answer,

I feared that there is no real solution ... yet.

Buying a new printer isn't an option, so I think I might go for a windows XP VM. Plus it might come handy in other Vista specific issues.