View Full Version : LJ8000DN paper picking problem

10-17-2004, 01:32 PM
LJ8000DN, picks up paper fine from tray 1 and 2 but refuses to pull paper through when picking up A4 from tray 3 with error 13 paper jam on the display and the paper stuck on the right side of the printer just short of PS2.
The paper is actually NOT stuck since if I push it up slightly it is picked up by the machine and ejected. A3 instead seems instead to be fine from tray 3.
Paper is stopping short of about 2 millimiters (1/16") short of the PS2 which instead works fine when pulling paper fron tray 2. I thought that maybe the timing is off and the printer thinks that the paper should be longer than it is therefore says it is stuck but it seems unreal.
Any help is appreciated.